Connecting Clients to Your Practice

Vet Help Direct aims to kick-start and maintain real relationships between animal owners and vets. The internet is used by animal owners seeking veterinary advice, practice price comparisons and commonly vet recommendations. Vet Help Direct is a trusted and professional online presence that ultimately steers concerned or curious animal owners towards vets in their local area.

Why Your Practice Must be Online

  • Animal owners will use the internet to attempt to find veterinary advice. Vet Help Direct ensures that the advice they find is accurate and ultimately ensures they seek veterinary care if appropriate.
  • Animal owners will use the internet to search for recommendations. Vet Help Direct reviews are from a trusted third party and are checked for slanderous comments.
  • Animal owners will engage with their friends online. Vet Help Direct helps vets to use social media to engage with clients, their engagement spreads word of your practice.

Far from dehumanising the relationship you have with your clients, the Internet makes relationships more instant, more constant and more manageable. Vet Help Direct balances an engaging and trusted internet presence, with all the veterinary expertise and professionalism your practice requires.

Vet Specialist Internet Marketing Services

Our services include high profile directory listings (to help potential clients find you online - through us and through search engines), our pet symptom guide integrated into your webiste (to ensure your clients turn to you for online advice), vet reviews (to easily boost your positive online reputation) and social media (to spread virtual word-of-mouth recommendations of your practice).



We believe that your website should be a resource for your clients and potential new clients, which is why we work closely with and refer our customers to Webpartner for their websites. Webpartner websites work perfectly with all of the VetHelpDirect interactive add ons and come with animal health fact sheets, you can also rest easy in the knowledge that their websites are structured perfectly to ensure that search engines can readily index your pages. Please contact us for more information on Webpartner websites.